Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 LIFE

2011 had been passed. What had you done during the 2011 year? Seriously as we are already 22 years old we should have a well plan on our future path and prospect. Undeniably, we are not young anymore. Throughout the time, the responsibility and liability will be put on our shoulder and it will be getting heavier and heavier.

As for current moment we are without income, the only way to do is financial management is to cut the unnecessary daily cost, such as those luxury expenses,changing high ended and fashionable phone, those expensive clothes we should not buy by using parent money. As time goes by, this will become our habits and it serves no purposes throughout your future planning. Unless their parents are going to support them financially all the way, if nt i do not see any future benefit that we gain through these clothes.

Of course, it does not mean our life is just talking about money. From those books and forums i saw, it would be  applicable if we are able to save 5% to 10% of our saving each month for other activities, items that we are using to reward ourselves.

Those examples of these expenses would be those items such as ipad, galaxy tab,travelling,etc. It would be useful in our day to day activities or even our appearances. Of course, it might include clothes category that i mentioned. For me, it would be quite unacceptable if some fresh graduates spend their money like tapping water on these item. How many clothes can u wear in a week? Again this is subject to whether those people are still getting money from their rich parent or they have no savings totally throughout their initial working life.

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