Friday, 24 February 2012

Hapseng & Favco

Finally two of the stocks im investing has managed to declare a 4.7 sen and 6 sen dividend. This is absolutely impressive and joyful news. Hapseng have HSPLNT while Favco is the world premium crane provider. I will be looking good in the future and prospect of these both stocks. Hapseng is going to expand it well so that to be not so reliance on HSPLNT. Then about favco, it had Krone, the world largest crane operator as its subsidiary, with EPS of 28, is it undervalued? Haha.. stay tuned.

Fitters result is good but it is not aligned with its share price.. It is a relatively growing company. If its new business is becoming more familiar and they would be able to control the cost of the company business better, the financial result will be impressive too..

Happy investing =)

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